Re: Spot 3 Rk + Resurs O1-3 Pass - East Coast USA
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 23:26:32 EST

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> >This evening (11 March) from 19:22 to 19:25 EST (00:22 to 00:25 UTC) there
>  >will be an interesting pass for most of the East Coast, USA.  During this 
> time
>  >frame Resurs O1-3 will appear to overtake and pass the Spot 3 Rk.  The

The pass was as good as advertised.  I acquired both objects in my field of
view at 00:22:45 between gamma and alpha Leo (100az, 38el) - just in time to
seen an UNID (Iridium 15) pass in the opposite direction, just over the
Resurs.  Both objects were about a 4.0 mag.   As predicted, the Resurs slowly
overtook and passes the Spot 3 Rn at 00:23:55 UTC from my point of view.  The
separation between the objects gradually increased until 00:25 UTC when I
could not observe both of them in my field of view.

Other obs:
For some unknown reason I could not acquire WIRE until nearly the end of it's
pass.   Descending to the right of Sirius (175az, 35el) ay 23:53:20 UTC I did
nor observe any of the bright, quick flashes as I had on my previous obs of
this object.

NO significant flash periods for Iridium 20 from 00:06:20 to 00:08:30 UTC and
from 01:42 to 01:47 UTC.  The second pass had some flashing, but none with a
negative magnitude.

ETS-7 doesn't seem as bright as it was last summer.  It passed under Sirius
(175az, 25el) at 00:28:40 at about a mag +5.5.

UARS passed directly overhead at 00:38 UTC with a +2.0 mag.  

Iridium 38 made a nice -8 mag flare (az135, 50el) in the SE at 00:41:47 UTC

The ISS made a short, bright (~+0.5 mag) pass below alpha-Persius (300az,
30el) at 01:04 UTC.

Paranoia section:
Dr. Kelso's "elements" subdirectory from: 
is missing.  Let's hope that it is just temporary.  

Don Gardner
39.1796 N,  76.8419 W, 34m ASL