[Q] Re: NOSS reentry tracks

Mike (asterism@att.net)
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 21:46:09 -0500

Newbie questions if I may...

NOSS will be going directly overhead from my vantage in Florida, as Mr.
Matson has described. I've plugged this into sat.track. software and have
a pretty good fix assuming on time.  So...

While the sat. is in Earth's shadow, what sort of magnitude might we
expect? Object will be moving far too quickly for a telescope... I have
70mm aper. binocs and hope that will be enough. Will it?

If not, is the purpose of the observation to actually witness the reentry
(1000-1 at best)?

If the sat is not on-time, should I expect it to be early or late?

Finally, I assume tumbling... any clues as to the flash rate?



"Matson, Robert" wrote [in part]:
> Portions of 25 US states are on the NOSS 2-3 R/B ground track
> in the hours leading up to its decay.  Florida is first at 1:03am
> EST on Friday morning, March 12.  The track runs from St.
> Petersburg to St. Augustine...........