updated elements

Tony Beresford (starman@camtech.net.au)
Tue, 09 Mar 1999 17:15:27 +1030

George Lewis has updated the elements for this object using Rob McNaught's
March 8 observations, and ignoring the february ones.
As the IOD programmes orbit model is a rotating ellipse, one simpler
than SGP4, the resulting orbits are more suited to use in
Mike McCants's HIGHFLY than in programmes which use SGP4  or later
models like trakstar (kelso) or SKYMAP(matson).
Both Austin, Texas and Falcon ,colorado have currently have visiblity
at ranges of 40,000Km. with trajectories peaking at 20 degrees or so.
George Lewis commented that he had checked out that Russel Eberst
had visibility, so I assume all of western Europe can see it
( at apogee). Magnitude would be 11.5 or so. About same brightness
as a molniya, if not about half a mag brighter. I think Ron Lee
and JaY Respler have seen molniya satellites at apogee with 8 inch

1 99008L 99042GTO 99 62.50802951 +.00000264 +00000+0 +00000+0 6 00080
2 99008  63.0878 149.8803 6908466 271.6012   8.8989  2.00609084000410

Tony Beresford