Re: [ WIRE still a GO]

Bjoern Gimle (
2 Mar 99 13:20:06 MET

 "Matson, Robert" <> wrote:
> The Pegasus launch of WIRE off the coast of California is
> still a GO as of 3:40 pm PST.  The nominal L-1011 drop time
> is 18:57 PST, but may occur anytime from 18:51 to 19:01 PST.
> Assuming an on-time launch, the launch vehicle will become
> sunlit around 18:59:15, which is about 45 seconds after 2nd
> stage ignition.  In other words, the 2nd stage contrail will
> be illuminated by the sun.
> So there should be a nice, nearly horizontal streak across
> the sky, starting in the vicinity of Venus and growing to
> the left.  Differential upper atmospheric wind speeds will
> soon distort the contrail into the familiar "squiggly" path
> that southern Californians have grown accustomed to.  --Rob
I was alerted to the fact that PST is UT-7. In that case,and for an
assumed launch on Mar.03 at 18:57 PST, I have the Sun above the horizon!

If you edit the .cfg file, set Zone=-7, increase the MapDate=, and remove

(From the main menu, adjust on F2/F6, F3 and F7/L)

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