Re: GE-2?

Tony Beresford (
Tue, 02 Mar 1999 17:37:06 +1030

At 11:42 2/03/99 , Mike DiMuzio wrote:

>	Good question....  It's stationed at 85 degrees west and here's the elsat:
Mike, I have already privided earl with an ephemris ( calculated
using highfly) this programme's data file has as estimate
of ge-2 radar cross section of 15 m^2. it calculates a magnitude of
11.5 at brightest. Maybe a bit brighter onn march 7, when
sun is in right position to specular reflect of any surfaces aligned
N-S. I would think you need a telescope of 100mm aperture or greater
to see it visually. However, if one has a dark sky , a few hours
exposure with a fast film in a 35mm stationary camera will probably
show it, and adjacent geosationary sats. this technique was first
practised by seesater member Paul Maley, whose image is on display
in the UK's Science Museum at Kensington, England.
Tony Beresford