Superbird A for March 3

Matson, Robert (
Mon, 1 Mar 1999 13:19:53 -0800

Congratulations to Kurt Joncheere and Jay Respler for recovering the
peak flash window for Superbird A.  I have updated the rotation axis
and the precession rate, and can now provide accurate flash time
predictions.  For Wednesday morning, March 3rd, here are the UT
times and locations for Europe:

3:21  Ireland
3:22  Scotland
3:23  Portugal, England
3:24  Spain, NW France, S England (London), Norway
3:25  Spain, NW France, SE Norway, Sweden
3:26  E Spain, France (Paris), Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark,
3:27  France, Luxembourg, N Germany, S Sweden
3:28  Mallorca, French Riviera, W Switzerland (Geneva), central
      Germany, Gotland, Helsinki
3:29  Monaco, NW Italy (Milan), E Switzerland, S Germany
      (Munich), Dresden, N Poland, Leningrad
3:30  Corsica, N Italy, Austria (Innsbruck), Prague, Poland,
      W Russia
3:31  Sardinia, Italy (Florence, Venice), Zagreb, Vienna, Warsaw
3:32  Italy (Rome, Naples), Budapest, Moscow (very low!)
3:33  Sicily, S Italy, Belgrade, Kiev
3:34  Tripoli, Albania, Romania
3:35  Greece, Bulgaria, Bucharest, Odessa

Flashes are in the vicinity of eta-Virginis, and should be
visible through binoculars from up to 4 minutes before these
times to 4 minutes after.  Peak flashes would ordinarily be
naked-eye visible; however, the nearly full moon will make
that difficult this week.

The approximate flash location is from about 2 degrees
below the star for northern Europe to 1 degree below for
southern Europe.  For those getting the message in time
who want to look Tuesday morning, subtract 1 minute
from these times.  For Thursday morning (March 4), add
approximately 1 minute.

Eastern US/Canada flash times will be posted shortly... --Rob