Re: Daja News

Alan Pickup (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 19:55:21 +0100

With regard to the availability of sasv-o postings via Deja News,
CmdrJaycee <> writes
>By the way, Alan Pickup (March 20) noted that Jay Respler's "First Message:
>WELCOME TO ALL," posted March 19 @ 04:54 UTC was the first posting to the new
>newsgroup.  However, the one dated March 17 I referred to, above, was:
>>Subject:      cmsg newgroup sci.astro.satellites.visual-observe
>>From: (David C Lawrence)
>>Date:         1998/03/17
>>Message-ID:   <>
>>Newsgroups:   sci.astro.satellites.visual-observe
>which both announced the newsgroup and defined its charter.  Does this count?

In the best tradition of bar-room lawyers, and with a nervous nod
towards the Guardians of On Topicness...

I think not. The subject line begins "cmsg" identifying the message as
the USENET Control message authorising the creation of the group if Deja
News so chose. According to RFC 1036, such messages are "used for
communication among USENET host machines, not to be read by users."
>(But if Daja News was able to find this one, why, then, wouldn't it produce
>the first three postings Alan listed in his March 20 note?, or any others
>prior to March 24 for that matter?)

Deja News may have only received the control message, or at least acted
on it, about March 24. Before then, they may have been offered sasv-o
articles by their USENET peers but rejected them as not required as far
as Deja News was concerned.

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