Superbird A and Delta II Launch

Robert Sheaffer (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 08:06:44 -0800

Observations Sunday Evening, March 29 (30 March 1998 UT)

Superbird A (#20040): Did not make exact timings, but the visible flash
interval was approx. 03:12 to 03:18 UT.

Delta II Iridium Launch: Sighted the bright-orange 
plume rising at about 10
deg. elevation approx 1 min after launch (I am some 400 km
from the launch site). Was able to see solid
rocket boosters falling away using binoculars. Continued to observe
second-stage engine as a magnitude 2-3 object until it passed
into clouds about 6 mins after launch. Also saw it on TV, in instant
replay! (T4 Ku, came in as channel 26 on Uniden 4900).

Looked for, but did not see, Mike McCants' unidentified geo flasher.
Searched intermittently between 03:02 and 03:45 using 20x80
      my GPS tells me I'm at 37 deg 17.3' N.,
         121 deg 59.2' west (San Jose, CA)

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