Who will spot the next Iridium launch first?

Ron Lee (ronlee@pcisys.net)
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 14:02:52 -0700

Earlier today I posted an elset for the scheduled launch tonight
of five more Iridiums from Vandenberg AFB (USA).   Alaska observers,
or perhaps even northwest USA/SW Canada, have a chance.   Each 
succeeding pass moves the visibility zone westward.  If neither Igor
has an opportunity, then surely the folks in the Scandanavian countries
or UK will see it.

If you have not seen five satellites in the same binocular field of
view, it is worth the effort to see it.  In addition, run your favorite
flare program and try to see multiple flares like I did on the Feb 98
Iridium launch (yes, I have a picture to prove it!).

Ron Lee

At 12:10 AM 3/30/98 +0400, you wrote:
>Welcome onboard, Igor! 
>Now we have two Russian members of SeeSat-L :-).
>Igor Lissov
>VideoCosmos/Novosti Kosmonavtiki
>At 12:05 29.03.1998 +0400, Igor Rosivika wrote:
>>Re: (Ed Cannon <ecannon@mail.utexas.edu>) Iridium 24 no-show...
>>17.03.98 (18:12:43UT) I had a prediction of a double flare Iridium24 and
>>Ir45 with an interval 75-80 seconds. The amplitude of a flare Ir24 met
>>to a prediction (0.6mag), but was very long duration (15-20 seconds)
>>without obvious peak of amplitude. The flare Ir45 was usual.
>>Igor G. Rozivika (igor@kuzi.sbor.spb.su)
>>N59.883 E29.017 Alt. 50 m