RE: Iridium 24 no-show, geosynch flasher
Sat, 28 Mar 98 20:51:23

--- On Sat, 28 Mar 1998 17:16:09 -0600  Ed Cannon 
<> wrote in part:

>Last night (early 28 March 1998 UTC) we had Iridflar predictions
>for dual monster flares from Iridiums 46 and 24, separated by
>only 16 seconds.  However, as best as I was able to determine,
>only Iridium 46 came through.  There was a second, much fainter
>brightening a few seconds later, but to me it appeared to be 
>Iridium 48 again, further down track.  I don't think Iridium 24 
>(24905, 97-43C) became one-power visible at all.  It is one of 
>those in a non-operational orbit.  I hope others will observe 
>Ir 24 when possible to determine if it's truly unreliable.

Jeff Poplin took a picture of these two guys on the evening of March 26 
(early March 27 UT) and forwarded it on to me. It's now on the 
iridium.html page with details on the larger pix. Seems Iridium 24 
blinked on cue that time ;-)

Jeff Hunt <>