Gorizont 14

Tony Beresford (starman@camtech.net.au)
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 23:16:26 +1000

I had received reports earlier in the week from 2 Queensland
amatuer astronomers of a bright geostationary flasher observed
from 1100-1300 UT March 21. I managed to identify this as Gorizont 14,
partly due to the earlier warning on this list. I have been looking
for it myself the last 3 nights. Tonite I saw it. At 1205UT March 27,
it was at RA 8h 0min,dec +15.75. Flash period is currently 85.0 seconds,
as measured in 7x50 binoculars. Peak brightness about mag 3.5to 3. Observed
for about 24 minutes
Tony Beresford
Adelaide SA ( 34.97S, 138.6317E)