FW: El Paso reentry

MALEY, PAUL D. (paul.d.maley1@jsc.nasa.gov)
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 11:21:07 -0600

In an incident in the same area: On 22 March at around 23:50UT persons near
Midland, TX reported hearing a loud double sonic boom. Some 90km to the west
in Monaghans, TX a similar double boom occurred and a swirling dust trail
observed in the sky. This was before sunset. A thud was heard and an object
fell about 16m from a group of 8 kids playing basketball. The object (there
were actually two recovered) landed in a city street. A glowing white
fireball was observed shortly before moving from WNW to ESE with a red tip
at the end. 

The next day a local expert went to the scene and interviewed the kids. He
asked if anything had fallen from the sky. One kid said, "you mean something
like this?" pulling out a 1.25kg chondrite which fit perfectly into the
depression left in the street. A second 1.5 kg object landed 250m away.
This particular event was definitely a meteorite, not a spacecraft entry.
One of the two objects is currently in the Lunar Receiving Lab here at JSC.
The city council of Monaghans, population 8,000, approved digging up a
section of asphalt where the second object fell and it was moved to the desk
of the local police chief. It is interesting to note that a representative
from Italian TV, National Inquirer and 4 major USA networks were on the
scene the day after the event.

Paul Maley
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> ROB MATSON <ROBERT.D.MATSON@cpmx.saic.com> writes
> >Mir Deb KG looks pretty good though.  Using the (outdated) elements, it
> >made close to a 30-degree pass on an ascending node, culminating in
> >the southeast at about 20:54 MDT (UTC-6h).  If it was reentering, it
> would
> >have been several minutes earlier than this.  The ground track took it
> right
> >over Odessa and Midland, TX.  --Rob
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