Re:Reentry over El Paso, Texas 3 October 1996?

Allen Thomson (
Wed, 25 Mar 98 14:53:44 -0500

Oops!! My mistake!  I misread the date (Gene Wilder in "Young Frankenstein":
"Damn your eyes!"...Marty Feldman: "Too late!")

No impact in Odessa/Midland for this one, but the video is definitively a (re)
entry of some sort of space junk.


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Subject:    Reentry over El Paso, Texas 3 October 1996? 
Author: <>
Date:       25-Mar-98 10:37 AM

One of the UFOvian groups has posted a video of what appears
to be a satellite reentry (that's not what they think it
was, of course) over El Paso on 3.10.1996:

Are there any candidates for what it might have been?