Re: Molniya 3-27 (85117A #16393)

Eric Vondra (
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 12:37:58 -0500

Thanks to Rob Matson for identifying this highflying flasher for me (approx 8 sec period, quick flash to 6th mag from
invisibility) from the morning of March 24. My mistake was looking for the pass using the graphical plot from SatSpy. I'm not
sure how the program handles this type of pass--the ephemeris, listing RA and Dec, matched but the graphical plot was way off.
Guess I need to learn the program better. I'll try to catch this interesting one again using the tabular data.

The sat newsgroup hasn't shown up on my mail server yet.

We've had three clear or partly clear nights in a row here now with no Moon in the sky. Have I died and gone to heaven? Very
unusual for these parts. Caught a 0 mag Mir pass by chance this morning while putting the telescope away.

Eric Vondra
Wampum, PA (40.9N 80.6W)