Re: Iridium 15 Delta R/B decay

Stuart Jackson (
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 19:21:34 +0800

At 02:52 PM 3/24/98 -0800, you wrote:
>For decay-watchers,
>Based on Alan Pickup's latest posted elements on the soon-to-reenter
>Iridium 15 Delta R/B, the southern hemisphere will have nice passes
>through decay.  Favored places are Australia, New Zealand, South
>Africa and South America.  Louisiana, eastern Texas, southern Arkansas,
Alabama, Arizona and New Mexico have opportunities to
>see it this evening (Tuesday, 24 March) shortly after sunset, but the
>lighting will be very difficult.  --Rob

Hello People, 

I am a novice satellite observer from Perth, Western Australia.

Using the GSOC prediction pages I have seen three excellent passes
of the decaying Delta rocket (#24874) over the past three evenings.

March 23 - 11:23 UT, overhead pass around mag 2.5
March 24 - 11:14 UT, overhead pass around mag 2.0
March 25 - 11:04 UT, overhead pass around mag 1.8
           passed extremely close to Epsilon Carina

The GSOC pages are using TLE's with epoch of March 19, therefore
the passes have not been too accurate, however these passes are
hard to miss! Tonight I will try to generate some accurate
predictions and keep looking over the next few days.

31.83S, 115.78E

btw, I have also posted a couple of messages to the newsgroup, but
there doesn't seem to be much traffic yet.