Re:How big is 67-14 M?

Alan Pickup (
Tue, 24 Mar 98 17:12:28 -0500

Gotta time for this "bad boy"?


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Subject:    How big is 67-14 M? 
Author: <>
Date:       24-Mar-98 1:54 PM

     Last night, while looking for another satellite, I saw an UNID moving 
     west to east in a near zenith pass. It was an easy 1x object. I tried 
     to identify it and came up with only one candidate, shown below:
     67014  M
     1 18911U 67014  M 98078.19431531  .00000709  00000-0  25818-3 0  6537
     2 18911  38.8446  22.3977 0756603 248.4520 103.3949 13.38018301529707
     However, the Satellite Situation Report lists 67-14 M as debris from a 
     French rocket. This makes me suspect about this being the 1x object I 
     saw. Does anyone know anything about this object, and if it is visible 
     at one power?
      Ralph McConahy
      117.0064W  34.8839N  670m