Re: HST glints

Craig Cholar (3432P@VM1.CC.NPS.NAVY.MIL)
Mon, 23 Mar 98 13:37:48 PST

Chris Dorreman asked if HST glints are predictable.

If you mean, can a program be generated to predict them, I seriously
doubt it.  The orientation of the HST changes quite often in order
to focus on various parts on the sky.  I've noticed that HST is somewhat
unpredictable in brightness from my 36n latitude, which I've always
assumed is caused by major changes in orientation.  The only predicable
thing I've noticed is it usually is brightest in the SE near the end
of evening passes, or in the SW at the beginning of morning passes.

If you could somehow get advance notice of what object the HST was
was observing, in theory I suppose you might be able to come up with
a method to predict glints.  I doubt it would be feasable though.
Of course, I'm sure Rob or Randy will prove me wrong and will announce
HUBFLAR or FLHUB anyday now!  ;-)

Craig Cholar