Re: Delta 2/Iridium to Launch 06:41 UTC 23 March 1998

Ron Lee (
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 14:58:53 -0700

At 02:59 PM 3/22/98 EST, you wrote:
>The next Delta 2/Iridium launch is scheduled for 23 March 1998 at
>06:41:54 UTC.  This is of course, 10:41:54 PM PST Sunday night 22 
>March 1998 for us in the southwest USA who might be able to see
>it launch. 
>-- Jake Rees
>   Burbank, California, USA

And the elset is as follows:

Iridium   Delta, 23 Mar 98, 06:41:54 UT
1 90001U 98xxxA   98082.79391076 -.00378067  00000-0 -55178-1 0    10
2 90001  86.5706 342.7660 0009801 264.3271  95.7271 14.78175419    81

I checked visibility and it seems to be only visible on its descending
portion from near the north pole.  It goes into shadow around 62 degs
north.   So the first folks to have a chance to see it are in Alaska and
NE Russia.  That path gradually moves westward towards Moscow and
northern Europe.

You lucky folks in those regions may want to run your favorite flare
program and see if you will see all five flare about the same time.

Yes ..the elset is not epoched for the launch time but it works in my
prediction programs!

Ron Lee