Delta 2/Iridium to Launch 06:41 UTC 23 March 1998

Sun, 22 Mar 1998 14:59:37 EST

The next Delta 2/Iridium launch is scheduled for 23 March 1998 at
06:41:54 UTC.  This is of course, 10:41:54 PM PST Sunday night 22 
March 1998 for us in the southwest USA who might be able to see
it launch. 

-- Jake Rees
   Burbank, California, USA

The following details from Florida Today Space Online

The eighth launch of Iridium satellites aboard a Boeing Delta 2 rocket 
is scheduled for March 23. 

Liftoff from Space Launch Complex-2 West at Vandenberg Air Force Base, 
Calif., is expected during a five-second launch window that opens at 
1:41:54 a.m. EST (0641:54-:59 GMT). 

The two-stage rocket is to place the next five Iridium satellites into 
orbit for low-Earth orbiting constellation. Iridium is designed to 
provide wireless communications services to subscribers worldwide 
beginning in September through the use of 66 orbiting spacecraft. The 
mission will bring the number spacecraft in orbit to 56, however two 
have failed. 

See Space Today for the latest on the countdown to launch.

Satellite dish owners can see Boeing's live feed of the launch on 
Telstar 4K, Transponder 13 at 89 degrees West. The broadcast will run 
from 1:15 to 2:15 a.m. EST. Space Online receives this information from 
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