UNID request

Ron Lee (ronlee@pcisys.net)
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 12:22:59 -0700

Ok folks, now you know.  I am not always able to ID transient
satellites I observe while looking for something else.   On 
10 Mar 98 while I was looking for Superbird's maximum, I did see
two satellites pass through the field of view of my telescope. 
One I determined was #6125 (I forget the name).

The other eludes me.  The time of passage was about 02:13:36 UT
on 10 Mar 98.  The RA was 9h 2m, Dec 0.0.   My location in Falcon,
CO is 104.5614 W, 38.9478 N, 2073 m, (local time is UT-7).

The direction of travel was consistent with an inclination in the 
98 degree region, and mean motion in the vague vicinity of 13-14
revs per day.   It was travelling southward.  The interesting thing
about it was that it flared a bit as it passed through.