RE: [2]: TRMM orbit
Thu, 19 Mar 98 16:57:25

--- On 19 Mar 1998 13:41:45 -0800  Ralph McConahy 
<> wrote in part:

>   I've found that many of the sites that post elsets 
>   updated more often than once per week don't include TRMM.

An exception is Alan Pickup's site and his select.tle file. He lists his 
criteria for satellites listed in the select.tle file. TRRM is found in 
that list and I believe the file is updated every few hours although I 
doubt OIG updates that element that frequently;-)

Normally, unless the satellite is maneuvering or decaying significantly, 
elsets would not have to be updated more than once a week. I guess your 
best bet if you need frequently updated elements is to telnet to OIG

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