Re: Newsgroup sighted; Meeting Astronauts.

Thu, 19 Mar 1998 03:12:40 -0500

Jim Varney wrote:
> Uh-oh.  Alan saw it first.  That means it's going to decay soon!

Better not.  Took too long to get it into orbit in the first place.

> Quoting from the newsgroup control message:
> Subject: cmsg newgroup sci.astro.satellites.visual-observe
> Approved:
> Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 23:00:00 GMT    <--------------
> The good folks at Usenet Control came through for us and created the
> newsgroup on March 17, the 40th anniversary of Vanguard 1.

Very appropriate.  Commemorating the oldest payload still in orbit.

> Of course, you all realize I planned for a March 17 creation date from the
> very beginning, don't you?  ;)

Sure you did.  A master planner.  Good job.  And thanks for pushing the
Newsgroup idea along.

Here's a slightly different satellite observation.  On my eclipse viewing
ship there were 2 astronauts.  Loren Acton was on a shuttle flight.  Owen
Garriot was on Skylab.  I had been invited to Cape Canaveral by NASA to
attend the launch of Skylab, so I always had special feelings for it
whenever I saw it fly by. I mentioned this to Owen and told him I waved to
him during his flybys.  When I asked if he noticed and returned the wave he
said of course he did.  Later, when I introduced my wife to him and told
her that Owen had waved down to me, he smiled and assured her that he most
certainly had done so.  

I can now claim with all honesty, that an astronaut waved greetings to me
from orbit.  He told me so himself.  :)

Both he and Loren were very friendly charming people.  I was glad to meet
them both.

Jay Respler
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