Re: Iridium spares

Bill Bard (
18 Mar 1998 08:13:00 -0500

I would think spares would need to be stored at the operational altitude. =
If I'm not mistaken, if they are at a different average altitude, the =
orbital planes will begin to shift. If the altitude difference is small, =
the plane change would be small. The satellites might have enough fuel to =
change the orbital plane, however much it had changed, when it needs to =
be activated.

Bill Bard

Date: 3/17/98 7:35 PM
To: Bill Bard
The Iridium spares were planned to be "stored" in a 668 km high orbit in
each of the respective planes. I think the satellites to date have been
boosted to the operational altitudes, but you elset people would know
better than I.

Hope this helps.
Alan B. Rohwer 42.476 N lat, 71.498 W long, 95m elev
Boxborough, MA, USA