RE: NK-33 Engine Test; Future Australia and Nevada Launches

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	Here is a link to Kistler's home page.
Here is an excerpt from an article I found.
"The launch site will be either at the Nevada Test Range
or at Woomera in Australia, depending on which site is
easier to get clearance for launches. Test flights are
slated to begin in mid 1998."

I don't think they actually have a location at the test
site yet so it's probably a little early for lat/long.  The
Nevada Test Range is run by the Department of
Energy.  It's where they perform nuclear tests.  It
seems that they want some commercial users now
that the cold war is over.

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> Heads up for Australian observers and West Coast North American observers --
> new boosters with old engines coming soon.  From today's Sacramento Bee
> newspaper:
> "With a gush of flame, a cloud of smoke -- and a monstrous roar -- a
> Russian-made rocket engine was successfully test-fired Thursday at Aerojet
> in Rancho Cordova [7 miles east of Sacramento -- jv]. Aerojet is overhauling
> a fleet of these engines for a commercial satellite-launch firm.
> "The bell-shaped NK-33 engine burned at 5,000 degrees and delivered two
> Boeing 747s' worth of thrust, said Dave Eccli, director of test operations
> for Aerojet. The intensity of the 161-second test, which was conducted at
> one of the remote sites on Aerojet's 14,000-acre complex, shook the ground
> 1,500 feet away, where officials of Aerojet and its commercial customer,
> Kistler Aerospace Corp., had gathered. Because this is a commercial venture,
> the normally secretive Aerojet permitted reporters at the test.
> "The engine that was fired Thursday probably won't ever be used for anything
> other than testing, Harris said. Aerojet is to deliver the first engine for
> flight purposes sometime this summer, he said. Kistler plans to begin test
> flights from Australia in October and launch its first actual commercial
> flights from Nevada next year, Mueller said."
> Anyone know the Nevada site coords and launch azimuths?  I believe near Las
> Vegas and launch north into polar orbit?
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