Re: SPOT 1 r BJ

Jim Varney (
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 21:02:50 -0800

Jari wrote:

>Thanks to Tyler MacKenzie for identifying SPOT 1 r BJ as the unknown i saw
>last night. Looking at the tle's for various SPOT 1 objects, it appears
>the rocket for SPOT 1 came apart at some time. However with the later NORAD
>numbers it looks like pieces came off once again. Anyone know what happened
>to SPOT 1 r?

According to "History of On-Orbit Fragmentations" SPOT 1 r exploded into 489
catalogued objects on November 13, 1986, almost 8 months after launch.  I
don't know why the report shows the reason for the explosion as "unknown."
What reason can there be for a rocket body to blow up other than residual
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