RE: Mir future
Mon, 9 Mar 98 19:42:05

--- On Tue, 10 Mar 1998 01:22:07  Johannes Mueller 
<> wrote in part:

>I wonder, wether there are concrete plans about Mir's future. Will it be
>deorbited, and if so, in pieces or how will they do it?

Although this is somewhat off-topic for SeeSat-L I will comment that I 
have not seen anything concrete on de-orbiting Mir, at least not on the 
net. Russia plans to keep Mir in service at least until after 1999.

I have seen comments that it would take at least three dedicated Soyuz 
launches to de-orbit Mir into several sections using Progress vessels. 
Suposedily, Russia doesn't have the resources to de-orbit Mir AND support 
launching of the various components of the ISS.

I've even seen information that the US might assist in the deorbit of Mir 
if the Interim Control Module is not required to substitute for the 
Service Module delays.  

If anyone has further information I would appreciate learning about it in 
private mailing. Another information source for information related to 
Mir is the list server FPSpace.  See
for further info.

Jeff Hunt <>