Return of Superbird A

9 Mar 1998 16:55:51 -0800

For U.S. Superbird A (#20040) watchers,

Ron Lee asked about when to expect maximum flashes from this
nice GEO flasher.  I'm extrapolating several months forward from
Kurt Jonckheere's observation of 12/29/97, but I would estimate
the peak flashes will occur at 0220 UT for central Colorado, plus
or minus 30 minutes.  (I would lean toward the later half of this
window).  The flashes will begin in California about 6 to 7 minutes
prior to central Colorado.  Houston's will be the same time as
Colorado.  Chicago and Cape Canaveral will be 9 minutes after
Houston, Washington, D.C. 4 minutes after that, and Boston 4
minutes later still.

I will post more exact times for future nights once the flashes are
re-acquired in the States (which will probably occur within the next
couple hours).

Clear skies,