Re: Superbird TLE's

Ron Lee (
Sun, 08 Mar 1998 18:25:47 -0700

At 07:31 PM 3/8/98 EST, you wrote:
>Would someone please tell me where I may find the tle's for the Superbird A.
>After reading Ed Cannon's post I wanted to find it's position.  Gorizont 23
>was no problem, It was in my molczan files but the Superbird is not.  I
>on  TS Kelso's site under communication satellites but it was'nt there.
>Dan Poeder
>Wyoming, Michigan

Superbird A
1 20040U 89041A   98060.86830559 -.00000292 +00000-0 +10000-3 0 09881
2 20040 005.6762 058.0506 0002176 116.1092 244.1076 00.99748686031380

I typically use Mike McCant's Alldat.tle to get elsets of this type.
It is at:

Ron Lee

BTW, I plan on looking at it tonight.  I am assuming a peak flaring period
of between 0225 and 0250 UT (9 mar).  Folks farther east that Colorado may 
be up to 10 minutes later (US east coast).   Once the main flaring period
is reacquired, Rob Matson will be able to generate accurate times.