ETS-6, 94056A, #23230 Obs, 8 Mar 98

Ron Lee (
Sun, 08 Mar 1998 10:44:33 -0700

Motivated by Jeff Medkeff's report in s.a.a, and reposted here
by me several days ago, I finally had a chance to observe this
object.   First, I must note that Jim Varney's suggestion that
my initial guess as to the identity of the object (CZ-3 rkt) was
unlikely made sense...I have not even looked for it yet.

In PPAS format we have the following:

Ron Lee, RGL, Lat = 38.9478, Long = -104.5614, Alt = 2073 m

94- 56 A 98-03-08 11:22      RGL 241.1 1.0  24 10.05    ssm

I did observe secondary flashes at about 5.5 seconds after the main
flashes.  The actual period may be twice what is reported here.  It
was easily seen in my 8" telescope but not as bright as reported by
Jeff.  This is not an indication that they are not the same object
since the sun-satellite-observer angle can be very critical.  I did
not make a reasonable magnitude estimate but vague recollection would
place the main flashes at 6-7 magnitude at best.  

The main reason for this report is to see if its flash behavior is
close to that reported by Jeff.  If so, then it becomes an effort in
being able to predict when the same conditions exist for bright flashes.

The elset is provided below:

1 23230U 94056A   98043.30690631 -.00000146  00000-0  10000-3 0  5044
2 23230  14.2215 359.1603 5030556  26.4377 352.0695  1.67088477 21233

Ron Lee