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> At Sat, 7 Mar 1998 19:19:56 +0100 Russel Eberst wrote:
>  >Yes, Topex does flare to the -3 magnitude.  It is usually referred to as 
>  >Topex/Poseidon.  It's a European Space Agency  Geodetic satellite.
>  No, it is a French/US collaborative, not an ESA, project.
>  Bruno Tilgner
>  Saint-Cloud, France

                     Understanding our Oceans
                       & Climate from Space

                    A partnership between the U.S.
                    and France to monitor global ocean
                    circulation, discover the tie between
                    the oceans and atmosphere, and
                    improve global climate predictions.
                    Every 10 days, the
                    TOPEX/Poseidon satellite
                    measures global sea level with
                    unparalleled accuracy. 

In addition, there's a pretty fair illustration of the satellite at:

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