A fascinating tool

Fri, 6 Mar 1998 15:01:09 -0800

Dear Seesat'ers,
	I have discovered a tool that allows you to generate the
current view of the earth as seen by any satellite.  It's cool.  Follow
the link below, then click satellite in Earth orbit.  They have recent
elements online or you can enter your own.  Try a high flyer to
get a good idea of what you can see.  I tried Mir first, but it was
in shadow.  It shows a lifelike image of a cloudless earth but you
can choose Topo map, Clouds, IR clouds and Colour weather.
You can show the view from the Sun or Moon, turn off night,
make the image bigger or smaller or view at a different time.
My nameserver says that this is server.fourmilab.ch.