ID for satellite seen from

6 Mar 1998 14:56:34 -0800

Hi All,

This message is in response to Dan Laszlo's post requesting help
IDing a satellite that was observed by a pilot while flying northeast
toward Hawaii on  4 March, 13:29 UT.  The coordinates given were
sufficient to narrow down the possibilities to four objects.  I believe
the first is the best candidate:

1.  Intelsat 4A F-2 R/B    76-010B   #08621
2.  DSCS II-01               71-095A   #05587
3.  Cosmos 520 Block L 4th stage     72-072E   #06302
4.  Ariane V.42  Deb G        91-015G    #23246

I believe the azimuth should be further to the north than the 135 degree
bearing that the pilot Jim quoted.  M24 in Sagittarius was at azimuth
112.  In any event, whatever object he saw must have been specularly
reflecting the sun in order for him to have seen it.  That pretty much
rules out #4 above.  --Rob