NOSS 2-3 and NOSS 6

5 Mar 1998 13:12:56 -0800

Marco Hahn wrote:

> I just observed four satellites lined up in a perfect row with equal =
> between neighboring satellites. Brightnesses were also almost the same.
> Three of the satellites were of the NOSS 2-3 cluster, the other is =
> unidentifiable for me. Any help would be very much appreciated.

> Time: March 1st, 18:56:46 UTC
> Position: RA 13h50m, Decl 44d00m
> My location: 54.456N, 9.622E, 10m ASL

The 4th satellite was NOSS 6 F.  Too bad you didn't happen to look a
little further to the left -- you would have seen two more sats from the
NOSS 6 group for a total of six!  You just happened to catch these
two groups as they were crossing each other.  --Rob