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Subject: Gorizont 14 & 23 and others; HST SEEN FROM SHIP; ECLIPSE
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Kurt wrote:
>It would be interesting to know if this (and other) Gorizonts
>are also flashing and accelerating ! :

Here are the ones that I've seen, in ppas format:

80- 49 A 94-12               JHR 255   1     3 84     mag 12 - >13 
82- 20 A 94-12               JHR             4 23     2x pd=23s. 2x=73s. mg12
 Note: several peaks were not seen.

83- 66 A 94-10-08            JHR                      mag >13. Just 1 fl seen
83-118 A 95-02               JHR             2        pd 19s & 56s to mag9, 10
86- 90 A 95-04               JHR               56     mg12->13. 15s fl to mg11
88- 28 A 95-09               JHR       2       20     mg 11->13
88- 71 A 95-10               JHR               44     mg11.8 - >13
91- 46 A 94-10               JHR                      v 1/2min mg12-13
 Note: 69-75 sec, fl to mg6.5  Az 154, el 39


I was on a ship in the Caribbean to watch the solar eclipse last week. 
Absolutely fantastic!!  It can't really be described.  It is something you just
have to experience.  If  you haven't seen one yet, the next is 8/99 in Europe.

When the ship stopped at Curacao, I met Paul Maley on the pier for a few
He said HST would be in the area Thursday morning.  HST is not naked eye
from New Jersey, but thanks to Paul's prediction, I was able to easily see HST
go overhead from the top deck of the ship.  So my one chance at seeing HST
naked eye was successful.
I even showed it to someone who was up way before dawn to claim a position
on deck for viewing the eclipse later that day.  
Has anyone observed a predicted sat pass from aboard ship before?

Jay Respler
Satellite Tracker * Early Typewriter Collector
           Freehold,  New Jersey