Off-Topic: Vandenberg Launch Newsletter

Brian Webb (
Sun, 1 Mar 1998 14:42:29 -0500

This newsgroup has a considerable amount of off-topic discussion regarding
the Vandenberg Air Force Base launch schedule. To help reduce the amount of
this discussion, I am offering free subscriptions to my newsletter to SeeSat
members. Here are the details:
    A free e-mail newsletter with advanced warning of Vandenberg AFB missile
    launches, star party information, and other astronomical news of interest to
    southern California is available by sending a request to

                                 Brian Webb, KD6NRP

    Please be aware that the primary focus of the newsletter is the Vandenberg
    launch schedule. Information on other topics is provided as time and space

    The mailing list is becoming rather large; therefore, I need to ask that
    only those of you who meet the following criteria request a subscription:

    1. You really intend to use the information in the newsletter (for example,
       if you read about a scheduled Vandenberg launch, you will actually go
       outside and try to observe/photograph it).
    2. You live in:

       Western and southern Nevada
       Southwestern Utah
       Western Arizona
       Baja California Norte


Brian Webb, KD6NRP
Thousand Oaks, California