Re: old elsets

Alan Pickup (
Sun, 1 Mar 1998 08:53:19 +0000

In message <>, Tyler
MacKenzie <> writes
>Can anyone provide or point me toward some old elsets for Iridiums
>(specifically the epoch to Oct. 19th 1997). I've tried the "oldelsets"
>from Mike McCants page, but they didn't seem to be friendly to
>I'm trying to find out which satellite produced a flare for Musquodobit
>Harbour Nova Scotia on that October evening; it was accidentally observed
>by me and a couple of non-astronomer friends, I don't think they believe
>my explanation so I require proof.

I have emailed to Tyler my iridiums.tle file for that epoch. This
current version of this file is updated several times daily and is
available via my SatEvo page, below. Unfortunately, I can't make archive
copies available, except via email.

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