newbee question

Art Allen, KY1K (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 11:58:53 -0500


I am interested in observing geostationary satellites, with the ultimate
goal of bouncing laser light off them for transcontinental light wave

This is my first post, although I've been on the list for quite sometime.
Most of the discussion is NOT regarding these satellites however.

Can someone tell me if there are any geostationary satellites that are
observable naked eye, or near naked eye? I would prefer a satellite located
over the Central US, because it would give a favorable reflection between
Maine and California (assuming they had a reflecting surface facing the Earth).

Suggestions regarding WHICH satellites might be easily located and WHICH
satellites might provide best reflections from ground based light sources
would be appreciated.

I cannot use retroreflector sats, they aren't geosyncronous and I cannot
'chase them across the sky' with my laser aiming hardware. Further, they
return the beam to the source, and I want the beam to return on the other
side of the continent.