Thanks & a new question

Ed Cannon (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 02:14:27 -0600

Thank you to Alan Pickup and Bjoern Gimle for the decay projections for
Cosmos 2053 (20389, 89-100A).

If the following was already dealt with, please pardon me.  I just ran
across a catalog-number paradox in the OIG weekly report for week 4.

>                                               Date: January 23, 1997
>              Period: January 16 through January 22
>                        Objects No Longer In Orbit
>INTERNATIONAL               CATALOG          OBJECT       LAUNCH       DATE
>IDENTIFIER     NAME         NUMBER           SOURCE        DATE       DECAYED
>1994 029TS                   24469             US         19 MAY      14 JAN
>1994 029SU                   24469             US         19 MAY      15 JAN

I assume that in the above, somehow 94-29SU was incorrectly linked with
24469.  In the SSR for 31 January 1997, 94-29SU is linked to 24452, and the
decay dates given for the two objects agree with those above:

>24452 94-029SU PEGASUS DEB           US   05/19/94 01/15/97  81.8   .025
>24469 94-029TS PEGASUS DEB           US   05/19/94 01/14/97  81.6   .016

Sunday evening, it worked out that I was able to show a very nice mag. 1-2
pass of 96-51B (24298, Cosmos 2333 Rk) and a somewhat cloud- and
full-moon-dimmed Hale-Bopp to several people who were entering a public
lunar eclipse/Hale-Bopp observing event.
(That's 3 nights in a row to see good passes of 96-51B!)

Ed Cannon
Austin, Texas, USA
30.308N, 97.728W