Observations: Superbird A and others

Robert Sheaffer (sheaffer@netcom.com)
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 20:59:14 -0800

Observations Sunday evening (March 24 1997 UT)

#20040 Superbird A.
       Flashes observed beginning at 03:11:50 UT, using 7x50mm
       binoculars. Continued at 11-12 sec interval until approx
       03:18. Pattern generally brighter/fainter/brighter. Max
       magnitude est 4.

#24298 Cosmos 2333 rocket, 03:45. A nice blinking object, magnitude 3 to
       invisibility, period measured at .87 seconds. (9 flashes in
       7.85 sec).

Looked for, but did not see, #16326 Cosmos 1707. Lunar Eclipse assisted
visibility. Predicted magnitude 4.2 from elset megnitude.

#11822 Cosmos 1184 rocket, 04:06. Mag 3, steady.

Note: I have been in Europe the past three weeks, in Germany, Belgium,
and France. During that time, it was hardly possible to see the sky at
all. My hat goes off to the Belgian Working Group - I do not see how
it is possible for them to do any work at all!

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