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M.Hazekamp (
Sun, 23 Mar 97 20:34 MET

Hi everyone,

I am M.Hazekamp (age 78), engineer,interested in flashing sats.
 Therefor the following:
As long after launch a satellite is on the last stage of the rocket,the
stage is in controlled balance.
But,if the satellite is placed in orbit, then the center of gravity is
replaced;tumbling is following.
If there is a leake from wich rest-fuel is gone out of the stage the center
of gravity becomes further replaced and in addition a torque.
It is thinkeble that the movements of the stage get the form of a epicycloid
whereof the plane makes an angle with the plane of the orbit.
Perhaps a further explanation of the flashing-pattern.

Can sombody give me comments ? I should very like it.

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