Re: SatSpy

Tristan Cools (
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 22:25:50 +0100 (MET)

>SatSpy has a very nice graphical interface, actually the best I have come
>across. But the program isn't without problems, most of which I have discussed
>with the author. Here are a few:
>- In countries with date/time conventions different from the US, strange
>  effects can happen;

They can be corrected in the satspy.ini file.

>- The checksum algorithm is different from what is generally accepted, due to
>  the way the plus (+) sign is accounted for;
>- The program doesn't accept TLE files with only one satellite.
>- If a TLE file contains satellites with different names but the same COSPAR
>  identifier, the program will only accept the FIRST entry.

I would like to choose between Cospar numbers but maybe this can be adapted
in future versions.

There are some bugs, but they are minor and doesn't seem to affect the good
working of the program.
I found it a very easy to use program and graphicaly it is just a fantastic

>The program will disable itself after the 30-day evaluation period. In the
>interest of the author, I will not disclose here how that's being done and
>how it can be circumvented.

The best solution is to register.

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