Re: Easier way of identifying unknowns...?
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 18:15:11 +0000

Using SatSpy 2.0 in skytrace display mode, I simply use the magnify feature 
to blow up the area of the sky where I saw the unknown and click on the few
traces displayed (which have direction of flight arrows to further reduce 
the possible candidates).  Once the time that the selected satellite passed 
through that point is displayed, it's fairly obvious whether the selected 
trace was that of the unknown.  I've positively identified many unknowns in 
this simple manner (unknowns being defined as satellites which I observed 
by chance with no printed skytraces on hand).

> I would suggest that everyone who intends to do regular observing would do
> well to get a program (Quicksat!) and (Molczan!) elements and learn to
> generate their own predictions, but ESES seems to me to be a quick and easy
> and reasonably accurate alternative for those who need or want it.