re: Easier way of identifying unknowns...?

Earl Needham (
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 06:38:11 -0800

>  From: Ed Cannon <>, on 3/19/97 4:52 AM:
>  I would suggest that everyone who intends to do regular observing would do
>  well to get a program (Quicksat!) and (Molczan!) elements and learn to
>  generate their own predictions, but ESES seems to me to be a quick and easy
>  and reasonably accurate alternative for those who need or want it.

	I currently use the AMSAT elements and Traksat 3.10.  Would Quicksat
and Molczan give me any advantages?  Of course, I'm a ham operator (just heard
a MIR pass on 145.8, BTW), so AMSAT is what I originally went with.

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