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>> If you haven't found out yet, COSPAR is an acronym for
>> "Committee on Space Research".  Their web site is at:
>> There is a link called "About COSPAR".  It's address is:
>> Here is a little paragraph from that page:
>> "COSPAR is an interdisciplinary scientific organization
>> concerned with international progress in all areas of
>> scientific research carried out with space vehicles,
>> rockets, and balloons."
>I've seen reference to satellite COSPAR numbers
>> Maybe someone who lists "COSPAR Site #" in their signature
>> could help us further.
>That would be appreciated

Point taken :-)  Sorry - made a note to answer this if no-one else did,
but been preoccupied with some unusually interesting decays in the past
few days.

The COSPAR site number identifies the location from which I do my
observing. Including this number when reporting an observation allows
someone analysing a set of observations made from different locations to
index a table of site coordinates, rather than include the
lat/long/height of the observer against each observation. No, I don't
have a copy of the table.

There are several references to COSPAR in Desmond King-Hele's excellent
book "A Tapestry of Orbits".

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