TLE questions

18 Mar 1997 16:46:17 -0800

To anyone who might know, I'm curious about the following entry in EL970308:

1 24656U 96064  A 96321.91676931  .00629804  15893-4  10000-3 0   164
2 24656  51.7378  17.3247 0447172 173.4923 162.4622 17.47029567    16

Obviously this object, which based on the inclination appears to have been
associated with Mir (a Progress or Soyuz), is no longer in orbit.  But I'm
curious about the high mean motion, and also why it's still retained after
more than 3 months.

And can someone confirm that the Mir Deb LV-LZ sequence is out of order
relative to the Norad #?  I have the following associations:

23934 Mir Deb LT
24287 Mir Deb LU (dec)
24419 Mir Deb LV
24657 Mir Deb LY (dec)
24658 Mir Deb LW (decay imminent if not already)
24659 Mir Deb LX (dec)
24672 Mir Deb LZ (decay imminent)

First off -- are these correct?  And if so, have decay letter sequences been
out of order before for other objects?  Thanx in advance!  --Rob