superbird naked-eye
Sat, 15 Mar 97 22:21:36

 Hi all -
 I observed Superbird A with 7x50 and 20x120 binoculars, and even
with the naked eye, on 11 and 13 March (UT), from Colorado,
U.S.A.  Here's some details:
 11 March, flashes visible in 7x50 binoculars 0259-0305 UT;
brightest flash at 0302 UT - magnitude +4, visible with the naked
 13 March, flashes visible in 20x120 binoculars 0258-0310 UT;
brightest flash at 0302 UT - again, magnitude +4 and visible with
the naked eye.
 On both evenings there appeared to be one and only one naked eye
flash, which was distinctly brighter than the the rest of the
flashes.  Here's TRAKSAT V.2.80 predictions, courtesy of Ron Lee,
for Falcon, Colorado, USA, about 100 km to my south:
 Date    UTC   Az      Elev   Range  Ra       Dec       Alt
         HR:M  Deg     Deg    Km     H:MM:SS  DD:MM:SS  Km
 11/3/97/0300  177.11  49.26  37241  7:24:42  -1:45:26  35908
 13/3/97/0300  183.74  49.12  37251  7:15:16  -1:52:15  35909
 Cheers, Rich Keen, Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado, U.S.A.
 39.877N, 105.391W, elevation 2728m