Re: Unid flasher

Pouplier Alphonse (
Sat, 15 Mar 1997 00:01:57 +0200

Hello Igor!

>Three minutes before today's occultation of Aldebaran I've observed
>here in Moscow, rather unusual object was observed. It revealed
>itself somewhere near Beta Tau - Iota Aur region by two very
>bright flashes (maybe mag -5 or -4) separated by one or two seconds.
>The object moved in general direction to Gamma And making short
>bright white flashes in irregular pattern. There were two or three more
>flashes easily visible (mag -1 or 0). Then I followed the object in 8x30
>binoculars. When it passed through Beta-Omega-Rho Per region, it
>was more like a satellite, visible in minima with irregular flashes. It
>passed near Gamma And at 19:18:33 UTC +/- 2 sec.
>I was unable to identify the flasher. Can anybody identify it?
>My coordinates were 55.635N 37.474E, elev approx 250 m.

I found just this with a similar pass:

Place: IGOR Latitude: +55d38m  Longitude:037d28m