Unid flasher

VideoCosmos (cosmos@space.accessnet.ru)
Sat, 15 Mar 1997 00:32:01 +0300 (MSK)

Hi all,

Three minutes before today's occultation of Aldebaran I've observed
here in Moscow, rather unusual object was observed. It revealed
itself somewhere near Beta Tau - Iota Aur region by two very
bright flashes (maybe mag -5 or -4) separated by one or two seconds.
The object moved in general direction to Gamma And making short
bright white flashes in irregular pattern. There were two or three more
flashes easily visible (mag -1 or 0). Then I followed the object in 8x30
binoculars. When it passed through Beta-Omega-Rho Per region, it
was more like a satellite, visible in minima with irregular flashes. It
passed near Gamma And at 19:18:33 UTC +/- 2 sec.

I was unable to identify the flasher. Can anybody identify it?
My coordinates were 55.635N 37.474E, elev approx 250 m.

Igor Lissov