More Superbird times

12 Mar 1997 16:17:06 -0800

Sorry I don't have time to go into more detail, but here is a continuation of
the peak flash times for Wednesday night in the U.S. (3/12, which is 3/13
UTC).  Times again are UTC:

3:06  Central Texas, Oklahoma panhandle, Colorado/Kansas border,
     western Nebraska, western South Dakota, eastern Montana.
3:08  Houston and eastern Texas; central OK, Kansas, Nebraska, and the
3:10  Louisiana, western Arkansas-Missouri-Iowa-Minnesota

3:12  Mississippi, border of Missouri and Illionois, border or Iowa and
Illionois, northwestern Wisconsin

3:14  eastern Alabama, central Tennessee/Kentucky/Indiana, Lake

3:16  Florida, eastern Georgia, NW South Carolina, western tips of N.C., VA
and West VA, Ohio

3:18  eastern NC, Richmond, Northern VA, Washington D.C.,
Maryland, central Penn, Syracuse

3:19  Delaware, NJ, NYC, Albany

3:20  Long Island, NY; Connecticut/Rhode Island, Mass., New

3:21  Maine


Flashing should be visible for at least +/- 3 minutes around the peak time
(using binoculars).  --Rob