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Dale Ireland (direland@drdale.com)

>....Is this the beginning of the end for MIR?
> I can imagine these questions
> have been raised here already so to avoid repetition and flames please
> e-mail me privately if this is old news on the mailing list.

I see you have WWW access, and since the following info can be useful
to other newcomers with fill Internet, I am posting this to SeeSat-L.

To find out about mails you missed, look at :


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Regarding the Mir fire, I can't recall anything on SeeSat-L, but
Jonathan's Space Report #315 had this:

The Mir crew of Korzun, Kaleri, Ewald, Tsibliev, Lazutkin and Linenger
continued their mission on the complex in late February. On Feb 23 at
1935 UTC a fire broke out in a lithium perchlorate  cartridge in the
Kvant module used to generate extra oxygen on Mir, filling the complex
with smoke. Korzun and Kaleri used extinguishers to  fight the fire
which was extinguished after 90 seconds; the heavy smoke persisted for 
about five minutes and the crew wore gas masks for two and a half hours.
Now the crew are having difficulty generating sufficient oxygen
for the life support system. (Details from Chris van den Berg and NASA).

Since Chris van den Berg (as always) is a good source, check out
in addition to:


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